TL;DR: Whether you are considering a safe destination to time or an exclusive place to hook-up, Down could be the number 1 application to turn to, particularly if you’re a female. With 2 million people and 50 percent of matches fulfilling IRL, obtaining a romantic date or getting down has never been easier or higher fun. 

Gender usually is a taboo topic, particularly if youare looking because of it. But online dating is normally just as taboo.

Just how are you meant to just emerge and say all you want is actually a hookup without experiencing bad? You do it through Down application.

Or how are you designed to open up yourself up to internet dating if you are uncomfortable making use of the environment? Again, you will do it through Down app.

Down is among the most safe and confidential solution to express what you want (acquire what you need) – no pity or fear!

Simple tips to “Get Down” or “Get Date”

away from developing stress aided by the online dating market, Colin Hodge cofounded Down (previously referred to as Bang with Friends) in January 2013 for men and women to explicitly, and independently, condition whatever’re looking for without embarrassment.

People, whose normal age ranges between 18 and 35, register through Facebook, and Down makes use of people they know, pals of friends as well as other connections generate suits.

For something more major, consumers can choose to “Get Date,” but if they desire something even more casual, they can pick “Get Down.'”

Preserving the unknown theme, no matter what a person decides, the person on the other side end cannot see who they are until they even elect to get a romantic date or get down.

Unlike many online dating sites, customers do not need to complete a lengthy profile with smart stories, and participation is entirely key unless the people opted otherwise.

People are given a Bangability rating, which Hodge stated is a “key formula” based on how people have viewed all of them and exactly how so many people are into meeting for either a date or obtaining all the way down.

Down, which is available on apple’s ios and Android, is also opening an innovative new function also known as “Daily Picks,” where consumers obtain the 10 finest fits of the day instead of being required to swipe through hundreds, otherwise thousands, of men and women to find a match.

“it’s simply an easy way of swallowing to the application, spending 30 seconds and going on along with your time – ensure you get that go out setup when it comes to week and feel just like it isn’t an overwhelming procedure, but it is something which only meets in the existence,” Hodge stated.

Maybe not another sketchy hookup app

So exactly what keeps Down from being grouped with spammy hookup programs? Trustworthiness.

Down got that which was missing out on through the industry (a dating website that is not scammy or appearing to be too perfect) and developed a means for those in order to connect in a way that they are aware is giving them what they want rather than wasting their time.

“We’re accustomed to individuals method of sugar momma seeking woman-coating the dating scene,” Hodge stated. “We wanted to provide men and women a far more sincere strategy to relate genuinely to one another and make sure we’re not, frankly, bullshitting all of them,” he mentioned.

This honesty also is reflected in Down’s individual base.down3

Per Hodge, the organization got the social method to gaining traction, making use of personal references to spread the headlines concerning the website, which includes triggered a more authentic product and clientele.

“which is held the grade of our web site greater. Additionally it is held the percentage men and women coordinated and happening a night out together higher,” the guy said.

Another fun fact: it is mostly women who would like to get down.

Hodge mentioned 75 % of females choose to get down compared to 65 % of men, pointing out safety just like the cause.

“honestly it really is a better planet than fulfilling total visitors,” he mentioned. “We would like to offer women the capacity to end up being an equal component into the courting process and also to have the freedom to choose whatever intention they need.”

a modern-day key admirer

The response from customers might extremely pleased. Hodge stated people are excited for a place where they are able to say what they need free from view, and Down is actually thrilled to have for them.

“Everyone is achieving this in any event traditional, therefore we may as well let them have the technology to do it in an easier way,” he said. “We knew, especially for the younger generation, that there had been a need to take online dating in to the modern era and then make it a great deal less complicated.”

Hodge motivates people to anonymously invite friends they would like to get all the way down with through the website. And you also guessed it – the individual you ask won’t understand it’s you until they subscribe.

“We want men and women to invite people they know in a key method through the application, and I also genuinely believe that elevates everyone’s likelihood of success,” the guy stated. “its a modern-day secret admirer notice it is possible to deliver towards pals via text.”