On an individual basis, Person W takes the lead after racking up 100 miles. Person W, an extremely astute competitor, produced the goods when he knew it would have maximum impact. With a mixture of brains and brawn, he is going to be a hard man to how to be a good american essay displace from the top of the leaderboad. Person H gains an impressive 9 places to 4th and Person D is on the move, gaining 14 places to 13th. In fact, there is movement everywhere – the positions as we near the end of Week 1 are still wide open.

A special mention must go to Person W who gains 11 places to 9th not through one spectacular effort but through the daily discipline of grinding out the miles. Person M, Person I and Person S are cut from the same cloth with an unrelenting, metronomic pursuit of mileage for the benefit of the Team. In the “Group” category, Person Y just takes the lead from Person “I’ll be back” F and Person N stakes a claim to 6th with a monumental 40 miler. Further down the table Person I has entered the fray in 10th after a superb effort of 35 miles. The “Group of Six” will welcome Person I’s contribution and will no doubt be encouraging him to continue.

Put the statistics into context

Women in education leadership Evidence increasingly suggests a link between good female school leaders and positive learning outcomes, yet women remain severely underrepresented in school leadership. To date, this has not been an easy challenge for education policymakers to address. EDT’s transformational model of girls’ education recognises the need for a combination of approaches to increase the quality of teaching and learning for all children. This includes directing attention to gender within school leadership. Supporting teachers of refugees Children account for 41% of the over 89 million people who are forcibly displaced worldwide, and education is key to their life chances.

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Further down the table Person N, Person S, Person L and Person B are beginning to put in some serious miles and have the momentum to carry them through to a top 5 slot. Looking further down the top 10, only 19 miles separates Team 7 in 9th with Team 12 in 12th. Team 12 had a relatively subdued day yesterday, but once the blood starts to flow, how long do essays have to be they will be back, have no doubt. Finally on a team contribution basis, Person H gains 6 spots to 7th, Person L gains an impressive 25 spots to 28th and Person O, fighting all the way to the line, climbs 38 places to 43rd. Many online publications will give credit for your commentary or quote in the form of a backlink to your website.

Descriptive subheadings help users

Clear identification of the main messages and being able to easily scan content is even more important. how to quote article in essay Supporting information helps users to understand and use the statistics correctly.

Think about what users are trying to achieve with your statistics, not simply their inherent characteristics. This guidance has been developed for producers of commentary about official statistics.

Use tools to improve readability

Ask a colleague or non-specialist in your department to peer review your writing, placing themselves as a lay reader without your expert knowledge. StatsUserNet is an interactive website for communication between users and producers of official statistics, hosted by the Office for National Statistics. With over 3,000 individual members, it is a well-established forum for online user engagement. Make an effort to monitor the site regularly and engage with users’ posts and discussions. Consider the online experience – think about how users access information online. This guidance is not a set of standards, but rather provides a common approach for writing about statistics, drawing on recognised good practice. The aim of this guidance is to help producers to write statistical commentary that provides insight, and is impartial, helpful and accessible to a range of audiences.

  1. Take into account your users’ requirements and the current context.
  2. Below is a sample commentary written on an extract from Molière’s Tartuffe, III, iii.
  3. Your final RC is your opportunity to demonstrate that you’ve read other writers and engaged with them seriously, not just as a reader, but as another writer.
  4. Explore relationships, causes and effects to the extent that they can be supported by evidence.
  5. Users need clear and informative titles to help them to identify whether the statistics are of interest and relevant to them.
  6. You’ll need to redraft your final RC and add comments about your tutor feedback’s on Assignment Five and your redrafting process, before you submit this final RC for assessment.

This ensures users come away with the main messages even if they don’t read the whole publication. You’ll find ideas from influential thinkers, the latest real-life situations, key terms and concepts, and other content to help you create an authoritative and engaging essay on why america is great TOK exhibition. Try to write the main messages so that any user can understand them. Your exhibition should explore either the core theme or one of the optional themes. The online community allows for dynamic interaction between tasks, instructors and learners.

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Here we see a transfer of ideas from the MOOC to practice, as an idea used with university students is adapted for use in Year 2 Primary. There is reflection on the impact of using technology to provide a focus for children’s ideas. One teacher decides to make a drawing of one of the posted images and another reflects on the cross curricular potential of the digital artifact. This illustrates peer to peer knowledge transfer and is a good example of the interplay of talking and making. It also shows the continuous crossover between the real and the virtual worlds.

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Writing the reflective commentaries is an important part of the creative writing degree and the RCs serve several purposes. They are useful for tutors as they help us to understand students’ aims in a particular piece of writing. Covering the key theoretical approaches in modern literary theory, the text includes essays and documents that are essential reading for students of literature and critical theory.


As ever, this wasn’t evenly distributed, producing several changes to the leaderboard. Team 6 get back ahead of Team 3 to the tune of 21 miles and Team 1 gain 2 places to 3rd, just 6 miles ahead of Team 4 in 4th. Team 5 fall one place to 5th, despite the 2nd strongest showing on the day, due to some retrospective submissions by the teams ahead. Retrospective submissions will always be kept to the absolute minimum. At the level the teams are now operating at, with the dedication and self sacrifice being shown , they risk causing consternation in the ranks. On a family basis, Person “the unstoppable” D thoroughly deserves to come 1st. A common tactic used in digital PR to build backlinks is the creation and outreach of expert commentary.

Let no one utter that they just can’t do it, that they don’t have the power. On an average distance per child basis, Person A’s children come top with 48 miles, followed by the children of Person B with 35 miles and Person C with 34 miles. A huge well done should be given to all the children that participated. Their contribution was crucial in propelling their teams up the rankings. Similarly, when discussing your reading, don’t just say “I loved this book” or “It was fab”.

Clearly state whether the statistics are National Statistics or official statistics

Team 4 rose like a phoenix to take 13th place with a huge 224 miles over the final weekend. Team 5 have to settle for 14th spot but have been great competitors and should https://moutashomecare.com/how-to-write-a-controlling-idea-essay/ hold their heads high. A quirk of the system is that at Level 1 you are likely to write this final reflective commentary before receiving feedback on Assignment Five.

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Finally, on a total team contribution basis, Person T leads with 65 miles, followed by Person Q and Person R with 42 miles and 41 miles classification and division essay definition respectively. It’s tough at the top of one category, let alone two, so let’s see how Person T reacts to the pressure tomorrow.

Statistical commentary is required to bring numbers to life

Similarly, don’t say you changed something just because your tutor told you to – only change it if you think it’s the right change to make, and say why you think so. Include short quotations from your reading to demonstrate https://bluerivergutters.com/social-media-helps-to-bridge-divides/ your points, but a short phrase or single sentence usually suffices (remember you’ve only 500 words for the short RCs). In the assessment criteria, a proportion of marks are allocated for Contextual Knowledge.

  1. You’ll receive links to great media sources from all over the world that place the TOK themes and areas of knowledge into an authentic context.
  2. Use the following resources to find out about authors and influential literary figures.
  3. OCA students who registered before August 2022 can choose to be awarded by The Open University, or by the University for the Creative Arts .
  4. The final section sees Tartuffe assert a kind of complicity between himself and Elmire (evidenced in the use of ‘nous’ and ‘notre’ from this point).
  5. Use main messages from your commentary for policy colleagues, social media outputs, infographics and board reports—but adapt to suit these different users.
  6. Browse original scholarly essays on authors from around the world.

When you are generating new writing material, you’ll be partly learning on an intuitive level. A writing diary will help you to be more conscious of your learning process and more aware of the different skills you’re developing. If you add to your diary regularly, it will form a record of your writing journey. I recently a ran an online workshop on what a good RC might include, so for those of students who were unable to attend , here’s a summary of my suggestions. The passage in front of you is not, therefore, an invitation to write a general essay about the work from which it has been taken. The Government Analysis Function website is run by the Analysis Function Central Team based at the Office for National Statistics .

In the individual rankings, Person J, one of the greatest endurance athletes the country has yet produced, moves up 2 places to enter the top 5. The questions is, can the intense rivalry drive this pair onwards and potentially on to the podium?

  1. The Government Digital Service’s ‘Social Media Playbook’ provides comprehensive guidance on using social media in government.
  2. The system lets you flag questions for review, so that you can go back to unanswered or difficult questions when you have completed the rest.
  3. The Government Digital Service have put together plain English guidance and a list of words to avoid.
  4. It is therefore critical to consider the question of who teaches refugees, what challenges these teachers may face, and what support is needed to ensure better teaching and learning outcomes in these communities.
  5. Ask a colleague or non-specialist in your department to peer review your writing, placing themselves as a lay reader without your expert knowledge.