Agroindustrias Amazonicas has positioned itself on the international market based on research, production and sales of high-quality Inca Inchi oil and protein.


Agroindustrias Amazónicas was founded in June 2001 after 21 years of research into the biology, farming techniques and nutritional benefits of sacha inchi. In 1980 the biologist Dr Cesar Valles Panduro began to research the plant Plukenetia Volubilis Linneo, commonly known as sacha inchi and registered under the historic brand name INCA INCHI. At the beginning of 1990 Dr Valles, as head of the National Agricultural Research Institute INIA in San Martin Region, the sacha inchi research hub, collected 51 ecotypes of Plukenetia volubilis Linneo from the Peruvian Amazon and created a sacha inchi germplasm bank.
Businessman José Anaya Yábar, founder of Agroindustrias Amazónicas in 1998 began the Omega Project, to research different plant sources of omega 3 in the Amazon and the Andes mountains. He found sacha inchi, which was not cultivated and had not been known as a source of omega 3 and his research in cooperation with La Molina Agrarian University, the Catholic University of Lima, Vitoria University in Spain and the University of Bonn in Germany, confirmed that Plukenetia volubilis Linneo contained the highest amount of omega 3, 6 and 9 oil of all the world’s edible plants: up to 93% of its content in its natural state, free from toxic components and with a high percentage of antioxidants; it also has high digestibility and bioavailability indices. Furthermore, Plukenetia seeds were found to have the highest protein content: up to 65% high-quality protein after the oil has been extracted, which is the highest of all the plants and animals used as food throughout the world.

With this knowledge of sacha inchi’s high nutritional value, he and Dr Cesar Valles founded Agroindustrias Amazónicas in June 2001 and planted the first sacha inchi crop in Peru and the world destined for industrial production and sale, with conviction and faith that they were developing one of the best resources in the world for improved health and nutrition.

As soon as the first crop was harvested, the world’s first sacha inchi factory was opened in 2004, the product of our research into industria transformation processes and in the same year Agroindustrias Amazonicas won the gold medal in the edible oils category at the WEO 2004 in Paris, beating oils from Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Agroindustrias Amazónicas is the leader in research, crop development and advanced sacha inchi production techniques; sales of sacha inchi under its Inca Inchi brand differentiate and guarantee the quality of the sacha inchi oil and protein.


Agroindustrias Amazónicas is a leader in the world market for oils with a high content of omega 3 and excellent quality protein extracted from organically- produced Inca Inchi, protecting the environment, improving people’s lives, contributing to feeding the world and improving its health, and achieving a high income fairly shared.


The first botanical, agronomic and nutritional research into sacha inchi.

The world’s first sacha inchi plantations.

Design of the specific technology for high yield and quality in the production of sacha inchi oil and protein.

The first production and exports of sacha inchi oil and protein and protein sold under the Inca Inchi brand.

The first award: gold medal in the WEO international awards in Paris in 2004 and 2006.

Inca Inchi oil was chosen a an innovative product at  two of the largest food exhibitions in the world: SIAL in France in 2004 and 2018, ANUGA in Germany in 2005.

Inca Inchi oil being sold freely in the European Union after eight years of negotiation to overcome the EU’s Novel Foods barrier and open the market to sacha inchi.

Initiating sales of the oil in Europe, Japan, The United States, China and twenty other countries.

Recognition for the quality of the oil by chefs of the international Taste & Quality Institute of Brussels in 2008.

The Inca Inchi breakfast and chocolates rich in omegas and protein were chosen as innovative products at the 2018 SIAL in Paris Link.

Development of the most advanced technology for sacha inchi cultivation, which tripled traditional production per hectare per year.

The most efficient extraction of the oil by cold pressing.

The record for the finest protein flour.


Agroindustrias Amazónicas carries out research into the biological, agronomic, nutritional, culinary and medicinal aspects of sacha inchi in alliances with universities, specialist institutions and researchers in different countries in which there is an interest in developing and divulging the importance of this valuable resource to world nutrition and health.

Many studies have now been carried out in different parts of the world into Plukenetia volubilis Linneo – sacha inchi, which have provided information on the high value of this oilseed and the importance of increasing its cultivation, improving processing and developing new products.

Our company has investigated certain aspects of Inca Inchi and taken into account other studies, some of which are mentioned below:

Microorganisms beneficial to the cultivation of Inca Inchi

Floral induction for increased seed production in crops

Stimulant to improve Inca Inchi plant rooting

Compound organic fertilizer and soil improver

Digestibility and bioavailability of the Inca Inchi oil.
Toxicity study of Inca Inchi oil.
Anti – inflammatory effect of Inca Inchi oil.
DNA rebalancing effect of Inca Inchi oil.


Cultivation, processing and dispatch to our customers are carried out under the conditions required for certified organic products. Processing takes place in line with certified quality standards