From its founding in June 2001, Agroindustrias Amazónicas has researched different technologies, both in Peru and in the international market, for industrial production of sacha inchi has the ability to manufacture high-quality products for healthy eating.

More than fifty percent of the sacha inchi production line was designed by Agroindustrias Amazónicas; the equipment and machinery were built by a specialist food industry machinery manufacturer. The presses and filtering equipment were chosen from among the best made in the European Union, which is the world leader in edible oil and powder production technology.

Agroindustrias Amazónicas is always looking for new organic farming and food industry technology that is directly related to the processing of sacha inchi, in order to keep its production processes up to date and to use technological progress and international standards to improve the quality of Inca Inchi oil and protein, as well as their different healthy eating derivatives.

With the development of the Omega Project in 2007 in the city of Tarapoto, the second factory for INCA INCHI oil and protein was built, with a vision of process capacity for twenty thousand hectares of crops.

To fulfil the vision and fundamental principles of the Omega Project, the industrial production of Agroindustrias Amazónicas aims to offer its clients the highest quality oil and proteins, thanks to an organic industrial process that respects the virtues of the plant and the environment, thus preserving the nature of the products and our principles. Our company continually seeks innovations in its production processes in order to guarantee the best and most competitive products in the market for its customers.

The industrial technology developed by Agroindustrias Amazonicas, combined with good organic farming practices, enables us to extract the oil by cold pressing, which ensures the lowest acidity of all extra virgin oils on the market. The process also ensures that the highest percentage of oil is extracted with no damage to the nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals and preserving the high quality of the oil and cake, which contains valuable proteins.

The excellent quality of Inca Inchi oil achieved by Agroindustrias Amazónicas in its processing plant has gained the company a number of awards for its oil at the world’s most prestigious international food fairs; in particular, it is recognized as the best oil by businesses, purchasers and oil specialists in various countries.

The same industrial process that extracts the oil by cold pressing, produces an excellent quality Inca Inchi powder, the foodstuff with the highest natural protein content: between 60 and 65 percent protein, which exceeds all natural animal and vegetable based foods available on the world market.


Thanks to its research and innovation, Agroindustrias Amazónicas dominates the processing technology that enables it to produce an extremely fine Inca Inchi powder, which can be used to make a wide variety of foods with the maximum digestibility and bioavailability.

The sacha inchi industry developed by Agroindustrias Amazónicas enables the company to offer the food industry very high-quality Inca Inchi powder with the highest protein content and the best digestibility and bioavailability indices, organically manufactured.



Cultivation, processing and dispatch to our customers are carried out under the conditions required for certified organic products. Processing takes place in line with certified quality standards